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ECO Grill

Vertical BBQ / Grill, dismountable.

In stock. Delivered in 2 days
Material:black steel
Metal thickness:3mm
  • The favorite grill of fishermens, hunters, and tourists. As well as everyone who likes to cook and eat in the wilderness.
  • Unique design for eco-cooking in the heat of fire, up to 10 skewer at a time.
  • The upper part of the grill can be used as a stove for preparing side dishes.
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About Us
DM GRILL: Skewer holding system QuadFix

Skewer holding system QuadFix.

We have developed a unique skewer retention system for our grills. Thanks to the QuadFix system, the skewers are fixed in 4 positions, which allows you to evenly cook the meat from all sides.
DM GRILL: Heat-resistant coating

Heat-resistant coating.

All of our grills are covered with special heat-resistant paint for long-term use. The coating is applied in the chambers and then fixed by heating in a special oven.

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